Croatia aiming UK tourists

Croatian National Tourist Office released their September figures and it shows that 74027 British relished an autumnal break. The number is twenty seven percent more compared to previous year’s figures in the same period. This year 374674 Brit tourists have visited Croatia this year, and this is also twenty five percent more compared to previous year’s figures. In total, this year, Croatia saw 10525621 foreign visitors in the same time period. This figure is also 6 percent more than last year’s figure.

CNTO’s United Kingdom & Ireland director Tonko Rilovic told that the number of Brit travelers to Croatia has been going up every year and with this year proving to be a strong year for the market, he is more than confident that they could exceed 400000 United Kingdom arrivals before the season’s end.

He added that there is still more to do if they would like to get back to their record breaking 1990 figure 500000, but he is manifesting hope that with the continuous support of their trade partners as well as new European Union membership, that even more UK people would be tempted to visit their country next year.

To promote further growth in the United Kingdom, they were looking to show Brit travelers that Croatia is really an exciting and accessible alternative to the traditional sun, sea and sand holiday at less than a 3 hour flight away. They plan to do this by showing their eight national parks and culture rich cities.