Elvis exhibit stops in Croatia

The travelling exhibition - ‘Elvis Presley Museum’ has made their way to the Split city in Croatia. This expo is the single exhibition for Presley's memorabilia entitled 'Now It Starts: Elvis' Alive’. A travel agency called Atlas travel has decided to add this place as a special feature for the peak tourist season.

This exhibition started in Memphis and now it is travelling across the world. Till now, fans of Elvis have enjoyed the exhibition in major European cities. From 30th June to 1st September, the local people of this city as well as the tourists will get a scope to watch the hundred precious things that belonged to this ‘rock and roll king’. His belongings have a material rate of about three million Euros.

Atlas agency told that they have arranged the exhibition in the peak tourist season as it would attract overseas visitors as well as local people. Before coming to the city of Split, the exhibition was organized in Scandinavia where it recorded more than 100000 visitors.

Among several items showed, in this exhibition, are Elvis' well known Cadillac with a fourteen-karat key made of gold, his guitar from 1968 tour, the karate uniform as well as the microphone that was used by ‘rock and roll king’ to record the very first song in the year 1954. Another charming piece of info is that the rate of items showed by Elvis Presley Museum is figured at 2.97 million Euro. The event cooccurs with Elvis’ thirty-fifth death anniversary, which is on 16th August, when several programs will be take place across the world in Presley’s honor. Visitors can collect attractive souvenirs from Graceland gift shop.