Greek Tourism is going great, says a German travel association

The time when newspapers used to state that the Greeks were painting swastikas on the pictures of Chancellor Angela Merkel, causing German tourists feel unwished-for in Greece, are the things of past, said German Travel Association president Norbert Fiebig.
According to reports, he recently stated that the tourist destinations in Greece are making a great comeback for the German people, even though several Germans had turned their backs on this small European country a few years ago, selecting other destinations because of the effects of the economic crisis. Norbert added that this trend was short lived. He recalled that even in the tough times of the crisis, over 2 million Germans stayed faithful to Greece and chose to spend their holidays in the Greek islands.
He added that tour operators have stated that during this summer, the step-up in bookings to Greek places grew to a double digit percentage. More than that, he noted that most Germans visitors prefer to travel to Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. It was confirmed by the tour operator firms that released data revealing an increase of twenty percent to forty percent in holiday booking to Greek islands.
The number of German people visiting Greece has gone up to 2.3 million in the year 2013. As per German Press Agency, over twenty million tourists would arrive in Greece in the year 2014, setting a new record.