Halilovic attempting to ignore Real Madrid

The sixteen year old football player Alen Halilovic has many admirers. People have started to compare him with present great players like Barcelona's Lionel Messi. But the player himself tells that his future is up to his club Dinamo Zagreb, his present club and he only wants to improve his game. He told that he is attempting to ignore this kind of rumors regarding his probable move to Manchester United or Real Madrid.

The Croatian is only sixteen years of age right now, but already he managed to have rooters from Europe and reportedly several top clubs have shown their interest on him.

Some have compared his playing ability to Barca star Lionel Messi, but Halilovic thinks that this comparism is just exaggerated and now he is only concentrating on improving his game at Dinamo Zagreb.

Recently, while speaking to reporters, he told that he does not really think about these rumors, Zagreb would decide his future. He added that he just want to improve, anything else does not matter.

After Luka Modric (signed by Real Madrid earlier this year) Alen is viewed as one of the most promising footballers from the country. Even though Alen takes his comparison with Messi as a compliment, he still feels that the Barca star is just one-off. He told that the Argentine is really a role model for young footballers, but he doubts whether everyone could play like him.