Seoski turizam Kezele lies 10 kilometers away from the town of Ivanic Grad, on the road towards Cazma, in Sumecani. This picturesque place connects the particularities of authentic decors and gastronomy of the regions of Posavina and Moslavina.

Mr. Drago Kezele and his family is especially lively over the weekend when they offer family lunches consisting of traditional Moslavina region specialties. The dishes are always prepared in front of numerous guests who serve themselves, and since this place is always well visited, you need to make a reservation.

The dishes on this estate are always home made and abundant, while the guests help themselves to the main course and salad, eating as much as they want. Adult price menu is HRK 100, HRK 60 for the little ones.

During the week, the selection spreads from Moslavina cuisine to many other continental cuisine dishes like gibanica (cheese and egg pie), pumpkin pie, sausages, bacon, cracklings, spreads, various roasts and kotlovina (pork and potato stew) offered as main courses.

When we tried the chicken ajngemahtes, we remembered the almost forgotten dishes our grandmothers used to make. Many people will also wave their head at the mere mention of kotlovina, thinking of unattractive greasy cauldrons, we must tell them to try Kezele’s kotlovina.

It is prepared from roasted pork chops, chicken fillets, home made garlic sausage and blood sausages – all stewed together with fresh peppers, tomatoes and onions on the barbecue plate and served with potatoes, beans and button mushrooms browned in kotlovina. A barbecue plate from the 19th century owned by Kezele family proves that this truly is a traditional family dish.

Still, we have to admit that the menu is dominated by high calorie meat dishes, and patrons seeking ingredients of herbal origin can try some of the vegetarian specialties from the kitchen of the lady of the house.

The bread and strudels are home made in a genuine baker’s oven. Kezele family also has a vineyard, producing their own wine, and has a wine cellar with a solid selection of wines.