Peru’s tourism rivals in Latin America, reports

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism stated that Peru’s largest travel market challengers in Latin America are Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. Magali Silva, the chief of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, also says that Peru’s tourist attractions exhibit same type of characteristics as those in other fourteen nations across the world looking to own a little part of the worldwide tourism marketplace.
These markets include China, India, Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Jordan, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Nepal and Guatemala. Among these countries, Peru was seen to attract the 10th highest number of international visitors. She stated that in Latin America, the Peru’s closest competitors are Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.
The government official further added that Egypt’s tourism industry has experienced a decline because of social and political problems confronting since 2010, while nations such as Brazil, Mexico and Chile continue to see sustained development rates.
In fact, she added the decline in China’s inbound tourist number, taking into bill that this nation tops the list of the travel market competitors of Peru. She added that Mexico and Brazil stay as the most frequently traveled places for long distance visitors, who are more than significant for Peru as well.