Russian tourists' flow to Croatia

Tourism experts stated that the EU has finished their expansion, with reception of Croatia in grade, at least till the end of a decade, reports a DND correspondent from Russia capital Moscow.

The new European Union member should suffer on the near term outlook of Croatia preach, not just in certain bonuses from EU membership, but also losses in millions in euros as well as a thousand workplaces as of the requirement of Zagreb, in relation with accession to European Union, to leave the deal of the nations Central as well as South Eastern Europe on free barter.

Even more joining the European Union, the country has to upset Russian citizens for whom this nation was a perfect option for a family rest. Earlier, Croatia canceled visas for the summer for Russian tourists as well as some other the countries. Introduction of visas to Russian people would not offer improvement of an economic situation. Not less than fifteen percent of gross local product of Croatia takes its income from tourism industry where the most part was made by the Russian people. 50000 tourists from Russia will not go to Croatia this time because of the new visa rules.

The tour operators of Russia are sure that, in spite of considerable efforts of the Croatian government on involvement of tourists, a flow of Russians to Croatia capital Zagreb will decrease this summer. To take it on due degree, will need not just considerable time, but it also needs efforts to keep it the that level.