On Friday, Serbian Patriarch will meet with Cardinal Josip Božanic (Archbishop of Zagreb), Ivo Josipovic (President of Croatia) and Zoran Milanovic, the Prime Minister. On Thursday, Serbian Patriarch Irinej showed expectation that this visit would contribute to build bridges between Croatian people and Serbian people.

While speaking to reporters, the Serbian Patriarch said that considering the long period they lived together as well as the fact that they are 1st neighbors, they were due to complete life together much better as well as more fruitful.

Even though he is to know regarding the spot of the Serbian community staying in Croatia in his visit, yet he told that the relations between Croatia and Serbia are coming back to normal. Patriarch hoped that any link between churches is quite useful for making an atmosphere of nice relations. The reach as well as the development of links between churches will strike the links between the two people.

When questioned regarding the operations of the school that has been successful in recent few years, he stated that is one of the practical initiatives that are instilling hope in much better relations. Bishop Jovan of Šumadija also stated his satisfaction regarding the fact that the school is s huge success.

Željko Jovanovic, the Science and Education Minister of Croatia told that Serbian patriarch's tour was another step ahead in creating nice neighborly links between these two nations. He is very glad that the visit has happened now. Prejudices and ignorance made all minds of problems when education and knowledge ensure a much better life for all of them.